The Lesson

It’s sinking in.  I found this last night after I took my own advice and sat down to start my book.  Yes, it’s going to take a long time.  But I finally did the thing that I’ve been thinking about doing for way too long.  I’ll never know if I can do it if I don’t at least try!

I had a long and difficult day at work, followed by a fun baby shower, followed by coming home and wanting to crash… but my body and mind weren’t letting that happen, so I opened a bottle of wine and started writing.  Maybe not the best idea, I might have to dump the stuff I started with, but I started.  I think that’s a pretty awesome thing!

I’m going to work on what makes me happy.  It may take a few more bottles of wine, in fact I’m pretty sure it will, but I want to learn and grow and help people along the way.  What that will look like in the end, I have no idea…. but it’s also part of the fun, right?

When you’re feeling like the glass is half empty, like I did yesterday about 3pm, don’t forget that YOU can REFILL the damn glass!  Sometimes that’s a literal glass (like mine was last night) or sometimes that’s as simple as changing the page.  Try something new, pick up a book, get around some people that inspire you somehow.  Fill your glass with whatever it is you need.  Inspire yourself!  It’s pretty amazing how much YOU can do.

You are in control of your own happiness.  No one in the world can do it for you.  This lesson is for me first, but sharing it with you is one important step as well!  Let’s refill those glasses today!


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