My Weekend Adventure

I’m a planner.  I like to know what I’m doing most of the time.  I keep my calendar on my phone filled with all my appointments and plan each day with what needs to get done… for the most part.

So when I talked to my husband before he got home on Friday night and he said “what are we doing tomorrow,” I think he might have been pleasantly surprised that I truly didn’t have much planned at all.  My nephew had a robotics competition that I wanted to check out for a while, but honestly I didn’t mind if I just went for an hour and left… it was going to be an all day thing.

That’s when hubby laid this one on me…. “the Wings are home tomorrow… and I think we can get tickets for about $50 each.”

I was like…. whoa…. we’ve been talking about this for as long as we’ve been together…. and we have NEVER seen them play at the Joe!

See, we’ve been Red Wings fans forever.  I didn’t know much about hockey when we started dating, but as he was an avid fan, I quickly became one as well.  I love the game!  The speed, the precision, the action… so much fun!

One year, a long time ago, we took the “party bus” from the local radio station down to Chicago and saw the Wings play the Blackhawks at the United Center.  It was fun, but we were very disappointed that for all we paid for the bus and tickets, we were in the fourth level and our tickets were actually face value at $8!!!!  Yes, eight dollars… and I think we paid somewhere around $75 each just to go.  Most of the people we went with got so drunk on the bus down there that it was NOT fun…. they were obnoxious!  Lesson learned… know what you’re buying when you do something like this!

But we had never gone to Detroit to see them play.  Since 1979 the Red Wings have played at Joe Louis Arena.  Downtown Detroit and right near the Detroit River, it’s an iconic place for sure.  This summer we had been to a Tigers game and had taken the people mover around to see the arena, but of course we didn’t get to go in or anything… just looked at it.

Getting to actually see a game?  Sounded like a dream come true!  I got home from work and quickly opened my computer to grab some good seats and made the plan!  We would leave early enough to have a good meal before we got down there, but not so early that we had to even set an alarm clock…. sounded perfect.

And it was!  I had the chance to see the robotics thing for a while.  Hubby had the chance to run a couple errands before we left.  We drove across the state in beautiful weather and decent enough traffic.  We got to the stadium early so we could look around and check it all out!

Our seats were high, second row from the top, but we were close to center ice, so we could see EVERYTHING!  It was really a great experience.  If we can, we will try to get to another game before they are done there, but if not, that’s ok too!  We will try to go next year when they move a few miles away to Little Ceasar’s Arena!  That place is coming along nicely!

The Wings lost that game, but it truly didn’t matter.  We went for the experience… and now we can say we went to the farewell season at the Joe.  See!  I can be spontaneous!!!!


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