True Confessions…

I haven’t been very nice to myself lately.

I’ve been missing workouts… and I haven’t gone for a run in two weeks.

I’ve been eating CRAP food lately… more often than I’d like to admit.  Candy has been consumed.  It hasn’t been pretty.

I am unhappy in my own skin and frustrated with the scale, which I’m avoiding as much as possible.

I beat myself up over things that are out of my control, because I hate feeling so out of control.  I put off things that really just need to get done because I feel lazy and sluggish.

I want to sleep for a week, but also I want to get moving so I feel better…. I can’t have it both ways.

Some days I am full of energy and hope, but most of the time I just feel completely depressed and hormonal and I just want to hide.

I found this picture and it really hit me that it’s time to be nice to myself.  I’m a good person.  I’m friendly and fun and I think I have a lot of value, at least this is what I know… it’s not always how I feel.  But if I started being nicer to myself maybe I’ll be happier on the inside???  It’s worth a try!

I’m not saying it will be easy or even consistent, but I’m putting it here so I can go back to it and see it again tomorrow and remind myself to be nicer.  Nicer to myself, for starters.  I think I’m nice to others on instinct…. which is a really good thing!

Do you need to be nicer to yourself?  Do you need to stop beating yourself up, make a new plan, start a new hobby or habit?  Take a few minutes to just refresh your soul every now and then????

I almost didn’t take the time to write last night.  I had a very long day and didn’t get home when I planned, so I was really tired and wired and lost my routine I had started.  Finally I realized I hadn’t even tried to turn on the computer, so I did and wrote for a bit and felt better.  It wasn’t good writing, I know that, and it didn’t last long, but I did it.

I took that moment for myself and focused some thoughts and it was good.  It was stress relief, really!  Do you have something like that you can do for yourself?

I’m looking forward to running tonight with my group.  These evening runs aren’t much in the scheme of things, but they mean everything to me!  They get me moving, help me connect, and motivate me to get back to my training.

It’s definitely time to be NICE to myself…. get back to my workouts, my running, my eating properly…. I may not be perfect, but I am a pretty kick ass woman!  I’m stronger than I look!  I’m sick of being mean to myself…. time to change that.


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