My Happiness Project…

I’m still reading that book, The Happiness Project, by Gretchen Rubin.  I’m absorbing it little by little and trying to see how her experiment could fit in my life and it’s opening my eyes to many subtle things that I really need to keep in mind!

This morning as I was reading, she was talking about fun.  Making time for fun, but doing what YOU find fun, not what you think you should find fun.  It’s really critical that we do what makes US happy…. not what might make other people happy.

It kind of hit me that for the past three years as I’ve been a coach I’ve really compared myself to other much more successful coaches and felt really inadequate because I wasn’t finding success like they do.  I’m realizing that my level of success might never reach theirs and that it’s OK, because my style is not what theirs is and I can’t run a business like they do…. I’m NOT them!  Duh!

It also made me realize that it’s OK to find things like being by myself at a movie in the middle of the week fun… because it’s fun for ME.  I’m the one I have to work on, not anyone else!  I’m going to go see Trolls soon… maybe not this weekend, but soon, because it looks AWESOME!  I know full well I’ll likely go alone because I’ll have a full on grin for the whole thing and I will not be ashamed of that!

I also do find running to be fun, especially with my friends.  I’m ramping up to start training in January, but I want to feel prepared physically, so I’m going for a run this morning….. thankfully I have some other crazy friends who are willing to meet me and grab a few miles before our weekend begins!

I’m going to do some more soul searching about what truly makes me happy.  What things I can do for fun.  How making time for fun is a very important part of the happiness puzzle.

I need to stop feeling like I have to apologize for being me.  I’m pretty cool…. at least I’m unique, and that’s cool!

I also need to stop worrying that nobody will like or read my book.  I need to write it for me!  Whether anyone ever reads it or not!!!!


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