It’s Been A While…. and I’m Sorry!

Not for a blog post, but for my attention to my fitness.

Yes, I have been struggling with some things that just made me fall off the fitness wagon and it’s awful.  I don’t have any energy most days, none of my clothes fit right… I’m unhappy with all of it.

So this week I started the latest Beachbody program that was released this month.  It’s called Core de Force and when it was announced back in July I was so excited!  I absolutely love kickboxing style workouts, and this is a lot of that sort of thing.  It’s a fast moving, butt kicking program with two really amazing trainers that I hadn’t worked with before!  A new challenge, and so far I love it!

Yes, it’s day three, so it’s too soon to say much, but if my body is telling me anything it’s that I needed this really badly.

You see when I don’t get my regular exercise I feel lethargic, easily fatigued, and just overall yuck.  I’m dedicating the end of this year to moving!  Every day I plan to get in my workouts and take better care of my nutrition.  No, I won’t be perfect, because I am not perfect…. but I will take better care of my body.

There are still some things that are just not right.  I know I’m still dealing with vitamin deficiency, possibly some hormonal swings and stuff I plan to continue to investigate as soon as I can get in to see the doctor at my next physical, but I need to do what I can right now to feel as good as I can.

So for two days I’ve moved.  I’m sore in a good way!  I even ran last night with my friends!  Sure, I’m tired… but I expected that.  I still feel depressed, but I know I can manage it as long as I can keep myself moving.

I truly believe that regular exercise is a mood-enhancer, helps regulate everything in your body.  I sleep better when I workout daily.  I am nicer.  I tend to eat better.  It all works together, but for me it starts with daily workouts.

I’ll keep doing the yoga on some days too, my muscles will thank me for sure, but I’m thinking 2-3 days of that… just need to schedule it.  I should foam roll too, right now my legs are SO needing that!  Making time for all that active recovery is my next step!

So, even though I wasn’t nice to my body this year, I’m going to work to fix that.  I’ll get back to a happy fit place soon…. and I’ll enjoy the process!  I don’t workout to punish myself… I do it because I love it!

Love your body.  Treat it right… it’s the only one  you’ll get!


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