Well, Darn…..

Yeah, so it didn’t happen… again.  LOL!  I don’t know why it would have, I should probably stop expecting it, right?  I mean, I don’t even play the lottery!!!

So it’s up  and head to work once again.  I don’t mind work, it’s actually fun most of the time, and even when it’s stressful, I’m surrounded by some pretty awesome people so I don’t mind so much.

But sometimes I like to dream about what life would be like if I didn’t have to be at an office at a certain time every day.  I wonder what it would be like to be my own boss, to be able to spend my days being creative and writing and making enough money to do it where and when I wanted.  I know one thing for certain…. it would mean my alarm clock would NOT go off at 5am!!!  No way.  I’m NOT a morning person!

Yes, I make it work because if I don’t get up I don’t get moving I don’t like who I am throughout the day.  I need my daily movement.  I proved that to myself again recently when I’ve allowed myself to skip workouts.  I was slipping into someone from my past who just wasn’t the person I want to be.  Now that I’ve been back at it, I feel so much better!  Even if I’m sore!

I spent some time at the mall yesterday, just for a couple of things I needed…. but that’s always dangerous for me.  I start dreaming big time about things I don’t necessarily need!  Self control is a good thing, though… and I was good.  I think the most fun thing in the world for me (at the mall at least) is to buy gifts for people.  I was able to get one for my son yesterday and I was sure happy to give it to him last night!

I also looked around and got some ideas for Christmas for the people I love.  I still have a lot of thinking and shopping to do, but I love it!  But I would love to literally spoil those amazing kids and parents… if only the money wasn’t limited!  Right?  If my budget were bigger I would go crazy at the holidays!

But, alas… things are pretty much the same as usual.  Which is fine… we have a nice home, nice things…. I have no complaints!  But dreaming about what could happen….

Sure would be fun to try out what it feels like to be unexpectedly rich!!!!

Is there something you’ve always dreamed of doing if only you had the money to do so?  What is it?  I’d love to know what other people think of when they think of what it would be like to have the funds to follow their dreams!  I actually have a large list, and many might be different than what you’re thinking.  I’m not greedy, although I really would love to move and have some fun toys…. I would give a lot of my time and money away!  Spoiling others is so much fun!!!!  OK… and spoiling myself would be fun too!


2 thoughts on “Well, Darn…..

  1. I guess there is no one who can deny the fact that they don’t imagine being rich.
    When you go deep into that thought, it’s actually a wonderful feeling.
    I mean there are situations where I will imagine of having alot of money and then I will buy this and do that and go there and what not. 😁


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