Keep Going

I did my workouts last week for the first week of a new program.  This doesn’t sound all that amazing, but for me it really is because I’ve been so off my game lately!  I’m still working on getting back in the nutrition game, but when I saw this picture it pretty much summed up how I feel about myself.

I’m a masterpiece in that I have a positive attitude and work hard even when I’m battling my depression and dealing with stresses beyond what I ever imagined.

I’m a work in progress because let’s face it, the work will never be complete!  That’s a good thing… it means that there’s always hope.

Allowing myself to be content in both of these things simultaneously isn’t necessarily easy, but it’s important.  There is work to do, but I can take pride in that work.  I’m stronger every day.  That’s pretty special!

Now I need to learn to apply this to other areas of my life as well.  I tend to get down on myself when I don’t take the time to write, when I don’t call my mom like I should, when I don’t get enough sleep.  Yes, these are all things I can change.  It’s time to just do it.

Keep going, even when things need to change.  Little by little, if I’m striving to work each and every day, I’ll get there.

If there’s something in your life you’re working toward, don’t beat yourself up if it’s taking a while to get there.  Just keep going!


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