Happy Friday!

I hope you all have the best day, I truly do!  I hope my day is great as well, I’m sure it will be busy at work and hubby should be home before me today, so I’m planning to make it the best day I can.

Tomorrow is another football game for my team.  It’s been three weeks, I think, since our last home game!  I miss my friends and the stadium and all the shenanigans and tailgating!

It’s kind of a big deal this weekend because our team is not only doing really well this year, they are one of just two unbeaten teams in the country!  So they are getting a lot of national attention, and ESPN’s Game Day program will be broadcast from our little campus tomorrow!  I likely won’t get over there to see any of it, the crowds are bound to be crazy and I don’t know if we will get there that early.  Plus, the weather looks a little awful.

Snow, rain, cold, wind…. not my favorite football weather!  Oh, I’ll still go and have fun and I’ll be wearing a ton of layers, but what I wouldn’t give for a dry day!  But we can’t always get what we want, right?

Anyway, I have been looking forward to this weekend, and next weekend too… I’ll tell you about that later.  Sometimes I need to just think one event at a time!

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my mom, it’s her birthday today and I won’t see her, so we had lunch and did a little shopping.  She has a hard time walking for long, so it was pretty leisurely for me.  It was just nice to spend the time together.

Tomorrow we will be leaving early… I probably won’t write then, but I’m hoping I have a few fun pictures to share next week.  They might be hard to get with all the mittens and rain, but I’ll try!!!!

Until then…. let’s all try to make today as awesome as we can!  It’s Friday, friends!!!!!  I’m planning to make the most of it!  Even though my greatest desire right now is to stay in bed and bury myself in the covers…. I know I can’t.  Such is life.


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