Game Day!

It’s game number 11 today for my WMU Broncos!  Home game number 5, and I’m heading to campus soon to cheer them on!  What a great season for my first with season ticket, huh?

That’s right… we are going for WIN #11 today!  Undefeated even after playing two Big 10 teams!  Our offense is crazy good and the defense holds it’s own for sure… most of our wins have been pretty large, by more than two touchdowns.

The group of crazy fans I’ve been lucky enough to hook up with for the tailgating and seats together are probably the best friends I could ask for!  We have so much fun together, just being silly, watching football, eating, drinking… whatever shenanigans we find!  So happy being a part of the group!  My husband is even having fun, and that’s not always easy to make happen!

The weather for the first four games has really been great.  One time it rained, but it was warm.  Two games have been a little chilly, but sunny.  Today, however… Michigan winter dropped it’s nasty attitude on us.  It’s going to be cold, rain/snow mix, and windy.  Yippy.

But, that won’t stop us!  We will just soldier on to root for our Broncos!  We will support them every play and sing along with the band as they march that field!  We love our Broncos!

We have had plenty of seasons of being mediocre or even downright terrible (we were 1-11 four years ago!) but that’s all behind us.  We only care about THIS season.  This team… this coach… this crowd.  This is what matters today.

Alright Broncos…. let’s do this!  Row the Boat!!!!

If you want to see why we are so fired up…. listen to Coach Fleck!!!


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