Sometimes you have to do what’s best for you.  I’m realizing that a setback doesn’t have to be a failure this week, as my body is just rebelling against all the hard work my head wants to do.

And that’s OK!

It wasn’t.  I was so mad at myself this weekend and yesterday.  I skipped three workouts.  I felt like a lazy sloth… but in reality, my body was just mad at me.  It still is.

I’m still not feeling my best.  I’m not sure what else might be going on, and believe me that I’ll be talking to my doctor at my next appointment… but until then I know I need to slow down and not push too hard too fast.  All it’s doing is frustrating me and that isn’t helping.

So instead of wallowing in self-pity, I’m going to do some yoga today.  I’m going to do MY best…. whatever that means.  I have a run on Thanksgiving morning that I’m completely NOT ready for, but I’ll do what I have to just to get out there… even if that means I walk some of it.  I’m totally OK with that… it’s just about getting some exercise that morning and hopefully sharing the hour with some friends!

I haven’t run more than 4 miles straight since May.  That might not sound bad to some people, but as someone who has run 11 half marathons in the last 5 years…. it’s pretty low, not to mention SLOW!  I’m fine with slow, slow miles are still miles.  Calories burned, muscles firing… all that is good.  But this Turkey Trot is an 8K, which is just a hair under 5 miles.  Five…. not three, not four…. five miles.

I’m not giving up on the Core de Force program… not at all.  I’m just giving myself permission to know what’s best for me today.  I might kick butt at a workout tomorrow, but for today, I need to do the best thing for today.  Get my head in the game.  Figuring out how to make my body feel like it should is going to take longer than a 30 day program.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I will come back to it.  None whatsoever.  I just need to take baby steps.  Do what’s best for me.

This week is super busy for me, it always is.  I’m only working three days, but I literally have every hour accounted for!  Just a few hours relaxing with family on Thursday, but the rest is pretty well booked, which is fine…..  just exhausting!  The thought of doing hour long workouts on TOP of all of it completely overwhelms me!  Giving myself permission to opt into shorter and possibly less intense workouts honestly feels amazing!

I may just play it by ear, which I don’t really recommend, but I think I need that permission right now.  So, today… yoga.  Tomorrow, I’ll see what I feel like doing.  Thursday, running 5 miles.  Friday…. hopefully more yoga.  Saturday I’ll be walking all over Chicago, so a formal workout may not happen (we leave SUPER early!).  Sunday will likely be rest day before another more “normal” week.

Just seeing this laid out seems so much less stressful than doing butt kicking MMA style workouts every day!  I love them, but I just don’t know if I’m physically and mentally ready to truly be in the game without hurting myself!  I need to be mindful of my aches and pains…. I’m not getting any younger!

So, today I give you permission to do what’s best for you.  I’ll do what’s best for me.  But we won’t give up!


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