Almost Time!

It’s almost Thanksgiving!  I don’t know about you and  your traditions, but I love Thanksgiving.

For us, it’s a pretty laid back day, but that’s because my sister is a rockstar!

Mom used to host us at her house my whole life.  Growing up with a small family, it’s was just a beautiful family meal and some football on TV.  When my sister and I got married just a couple years apart we added to the mix!  Sis does most of the cooking, so when she bought her current house with room for the kids to run downstairs, we moved it to her place.

It’s been the same ever since!

Occasionally we will have an extended family member or friend stop in, but mostly it’s about 10-14 of us, not a huge crowd like I hear other people have.

My sister is a GREAT cook, so everything is always great.  My contributions really don’t change each year, she put me in charge of one dessert and the green bean casserole probably 15 years ago… I haven’t screwed up too bad yet!  LOL!

Personally, I’ll be starting Thanksgiving with singing at church this evening and running an 8K race with friends tomorrow (I’m not going for speed, just burning off some calories pre-cheesecake!).  Then it’s making the beans and heading over to the party, less than a half hour drive for me.

I love that I don’t have to fly anywhere or even drive much to get to be with my family.  My husband’s parents already went to Florida for the winter, so we don’t see them, but I completely understand their wanting to be where it’s warmer…. it’s cold here in Michigan!

I love that my family does the same basic things every year.  Simple traditions make my heart smile every year.

I’d love to hear your favorite Thanksgiving tradition!

Being a vegetarian now, it’s a new look on my plate… but I still enjoy the day with my family!


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