Anything is Possible

Your Monday morning motivation… which I need more than ever!

It was a great holiday, a fabulous weekend as well.  But I’m exhausted!  I ate lots of unhealthy foods, indulged in stuff I shouldn’t have.  I’m paying for it today.

But I know that today is a new day.  A fresh start with a new week, a new month even starts this week.  We are in charge of our own destiny.  Time to go after what we want and make things happen!

Spending time with my friends this weekend was what my soul needed.  My son didn’t show up for Thanksgiving.  He didn’t acknowledge our messages to even let us know if he would come or not, so I wasn’t surprised, but I was a little surprised about my reaction.  I went numb, depressed, completely shut down my emotions to protect myself.  I went home and went to bed very early.

So the next day when we got ready to head to the last football game of the season, I knew I had to snap out of my funk.  As soon as I saw everyone I did my best to stay engaged in the conversations and really did have a good time, even though I was still angry.  The football game itself was amazing and emotional as we won the game, went undefeated for the season, won the MAC West Championship, secured our place in the MAC Championship game this coming Friday, and helped our cause for a major bowl game bid!  Yeah, that was a great night!

Saturday was my annual girl’s trip to Chicago.  We’ve been doing this for the past 5 years, so you could say it’s a new tradition.  We were nearly there when my phone went off.  My son texted me.  Yes, the one I haven’t heard a peep from since September 12…. he texted and said he had hoped to talk to me.  He was fine, and could I call him please.

To say I was shocked was an understatement.  I almost wanted the bus to turn around and take me home!  But, he knew I would be gone.  If he didn’t, he needed to understand that life went on without him and I would be around the next day.  I texted that back to him, told him I would be in touch on Sunday and that I was sorry to have missed him.  I didn’t hear back.

I got up Sunday morning and texted him again to say I was awake and he could stop by, or call and I would meet him somewhere.  I went about my day.  When I hadn’t heard back from him by mid-afternoon, I tried again.  Apparently he didn’t want to talk that badly… he still hasn’t texted back.  It’s on him once again.  At least I did hear from him once.

So, yeah… today my body is mad at me for eating and drinking the wrong stuff this weekend.  My sleep pattern is a mess.  But I’ll be working like I always do on Monday’s and I’ll try to keep my chin up.  I have hope that I’ll be able to talk to the kiddo at some point this week, even if I don’t know how, when or where.

There’s a big week ahead.  Plenty of chances to make powerful changes.  I hope you take your power and chase those dreams!


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