Dreams Come True!

Back in 2013, my beloved Broncos had hired a new coach.  The youngest head coach in college football history.  One with no head coaching experience, who had played a couple years in the NFL and had been a receivers coach there, but he was an unknown.

He brought to the school a bunch of new mantras, new cheers, a new culture.  There was a lot of resistance, because we like to do things our way!  That year the team went 1-11.  Yup, just one win.  Concentrate on football, coach… let us fans cheer for something, will ya?

That was the attitude, but we kept on supporting them.

The next year he kept up his crazy style, but something happened…. we started winning.  We won 8 games that next season.  We went to a bowl game again.  We lost that game, but it was something!

Coach Fleck was on to something, and the team and fans were believing in it.

2015 season was another one for the records.  Another bowl game, and our first win at that level!  Yes, we had been to many bowl games in the past with other coaches, but we had not actually WON a bowl game until 2015!

So when 2016 came around and Coach Fleck was still Rowing the Boat…. fans were behind him.  After two winning seasons and two bowl games, there were reasons to be excited!  This is a talented team, coached by a guy with a whole lot of positive attitude.  He believed his team was Elite.  He embedded that belief in those kids…. and it worked.

Not only are we bowl eligible again, we are undefeated…. Conference Champions…. and headed to the Cotton Bowl to play Wisconsin on January 2!!!!  Ranked number 12 in the nation… our FIRST time ever being ranked in the polls!  This is definitely a year for the record books!

It remains to be seen if the coach will stick around, how much talent will still be on the field next season.  College football is a funny thing because student athletes do things like graduate!  But as much as we want them to stay forever, we know that recruiting is where it’s at.  I have faith that the staff has focused on the future of the team, so that there is already talent in place to take over for those who won’t be there next season.

We may never see another season like this.  I know this.  Never in my wildest dreams would we be 13-0!  It’s crazy!  Only ONE other team has that record this year, which is Alabama who is ranked #1 for good reason.  If we do manage to repeat this performance next year, I would hope for an even higher ranking… but I know no matter what happens we have so many reasons to be proud.

I will enjoy the game from the comfort of home, or maybe a watch party with friends… most of my friends are actually flying to Texas for the game.  I can’t, but that’s OK…. I’ll be watching!

Dreams come true.  Even dreams you didn’t know you had!  What a season to choose to get those season tickets for the first time…. had no idea THAT would happen!  You better believe I’ll be buying them again next year!

Go Broncos!!!!  Bring that Elite attitude to Texas and ROW THE BOAT!!!!


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