So It Begins…

I love Christmas.  I always have, always will!

I love the music, the food, the giving… everything!

The past few years I’ve loved another thing… dressing up in “ugly” sweaters for parties or other get-together’s with friends!

This week I had one such gathering with my running club already.  This picture is the group before we went and ran about 3 miles.  We then came back to the restaurant where we met to have pizza and beer… perfectly normal for us crazy runners!  It was a fun night, and I hope to have a few more chances to wear my crazy Christmas clothes this season!

In fact, I will have another chance this evening.  A really good friend of mine is having a gathering tonight and he is having a contest where we all will vote for our favorite “ugly” sweater… and this time I hope I win!  My outfit is beyond ugly!!!  It’s also a secret until I get there, so no pictures yet.

I still need to shop for gifts.  I still need to make plans with my family for our own gatherings.  But this weekend is about this party and having fun for a while.  I think I need that most of all!

Do you enjoy the holidays?  Are you a Christmas freak like me?  I know I can’t be the only one!

I’d love to know your favorite traditions!  As my kids have gotten older things have changed quite a bit.  Not in a bad way, but it’s not as exciting for them.  For me, I need to focus on the meaning of the season.  Spending time with family, giving gifts that actually mean something.  Music that speaks of hope and love and joy.  It’s a special time of year that I cherish.

I do hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season, no matter what or how you celebrate.  I plan to sing lots of holiday songs over the next few weeks, enough to drive my husband crazy!

I love these times to dress up, too.  It reminds me that we never want to take ourselves too seriously.  Life is supposed to be fun… and we have enough hard things already.  Let’s loosen up and enjoy those people we have in our lives while we have them.

It’s not quite here yet, but I’m already starting to say it anyway…. Merry Christmas!


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