It’s The Little Things…

I’m a total dork… I realize that.  I told you I’m a freak for Christmas, and this weekend let me wave that freak flag high and proud!

I headed to my friend’s house about 4 hours away from me for a party with the Ugly Christmas Sweater theme including a trophy for the ugliest.  He had this party last year and I had such a good time, although I didn’t win that year… so I had to go back and try again!

Well, I did!  Not only did I spend the entire drive down listening to Christmas music on the radio, I won the trophy with my epic outfit!  It kind of looks like Christmas threw up on me, right??  That’s exactly what I was going for!  It was the skirt that put me over the top, I think… it’s just two small tree skirts from the dollar store that I safety pinned together!  Cheap and perfectly tacky enough!

Yes, I’ll proudly display that trophy in my house.  I told you, I’m a dork!

Anyway, there was a pretty major winter storm yesterday, so my four hour drive was over six hours… but I made it home safely.  My nerves were rather frazzled, but at least I was in one piece.  I saw a lot of people in the ditch, and that’s all I wanted to avoid!

So, it’s Monday.  I’m tired and a little cranky.  Due to the weather, most schools and several businesses are closed today, but I’m headed to work soon.  My office doesn’t close!  I know that’s a good thing, and the weather is clearing up, but I would love to be able to sleep in and work from home… that would truly be a dream come true for me!

Today my goal is to keep a little holiday cheer in my heart.  I had a great weekend and I’m so thankful for my friends and my husband for letting me go and not making me feel guilty for leaving him alone while he was home.  He didn’t want to come with, although I invited him several times, and that’s OK.  Sometimes it’s nice to have our own things and not have to be connected all the time.  We have holidays coming up that we will spend together, and I wouldn’t change that for the world.

It’s almost Christmas.  Enjoy the little things!  Spread some holiday cheer today if you go out.  It’s really easy and makes you feel good from the inside!


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