It Will Pass…

I saw this pic the other day and it not only made me giggle, it perfectly summed up some of the crud in my life right now.

I mean, I know “this too shall pass…” my mom says that all the time.  I know it’s true, life is always changing, but man am I ready for this painful season to be over.

So I’m trying to stay as positive as I can each day.  You know I’m struggling, but I will get through it.  But it’s hard when people who I know care about me keep asking me about my kids.

Good intentions, these are people who really just want to know how they are and how I am… but it hurts when I have to say I haven’t seen or talked to my kid in three months.

It was three months yesterday.  Feels like a lifetime.  I have heard he’s OK, he did text me two different times the past couple of weeks, but when I respond back with another question I get silence.  Still, two texts are better than none, so I’ll take that as progress.

I need to make some phone calls about getting an appointment with a therapist.  I told my husband last night that I was going to do that.  I think he was relieved.  He knows I’m struggling and doesn’t know how to help me.  He feels guilty for being gone for work, but honestly I don’t know how he could help, I think would just annoy me if he were here.  I can’t explain it right to him, but this isn’t something his hugs can help… even though I love those.  I’ll make a list and make those calls on my day off this week.

I know this whole painful season in my life will soon pass.  It might take longer than I want it to, but it will.  Finding the bright things is helping.  Christmas lights and music… friends and chocolate everywhere… all this is GOOD for me!

Some day I’ll be able to look back and appreciate all I went through.  At least I hope that’s true!

After all, kidney stones are painful too… they don’t kill you, but they pass.



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