Leap Of Faith

This week I took a leap out of my comfort zone and did something kind of scary and exciting for me. It might not sound like an adventure to some, but I took on a part time job!

Yes, I still plan to work my full time job as I have for the past 14 years, but it was time to drop the pretenses and actually do something about the fact that we don’t have the money we want and yet I spend plenty of time on the weekends holding down the couch and spending more than I should.

Last summer I tried something new and joined the team with my chiropractor’s office to do marketing events and it was a lot of fun!  I met some neat people and basically helped the office grow for several months.  That ended in October, and I’ve been kidding myself that I didn’t miss both the adventure and the extra money.

Thinking about what I could do with minimal hours available to me, I thought why not try waiting tables?  Yes, that’s right… I’ve never waited tables in my life!  I never had the guts as a college student, but I have a ton more confidence now.  Plus, I’ve been in customer service for forever, so that’s a start.

I have a TON to learn, but that’s a GOOD thing!  Last night was my first night and I had so much fun!  I came home tired, my feet were sore, but I was so happy I took this leap.

Taking on something I’ve never done before is scary and exciting and I know it will teach me more than I even expected!  No doubt there will be tough times, and I’ll be more tired than I expect (last night was really slow, perfect for training, but not the normal!) but it will all be worth it because I’m growing and learning new things!

So if you don’t see me as active on social media or in real life…. this is probably why!  I wasn’t sure I should say anything about it, I mean it’s pretty crazy for a girl my age to try and work two jobs, but it’s my life.  If it gets to be too much I’ll have to step back and re-evaluate.  But for now, I’m going for it.

The world doesn’t revolve around money, that’s for sure, but having more of it as well as doing something that seems so adventurous makes me happy.  I also love meeting new people, even if most of my new co-workers are young enough to be my kids!  I think it’s fun to be part of a younger crowd!

Doing something I’ve never done before is a leap of faith.  It’s also a chance to become the person I was destined to be…. and I’m excited for all of it!

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do in your life… what’s stopping you from taking that leap?  Why not give it a shot?  What’s the worst that could happen?  Why focus on the negative… GO for it!


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