Christmas Is Coming

It’s almost here!  Most of my shopping is already done, just a few quick errands today and I should be all set.

I got what I could wrapped up and under the tree last night… it always makes me so happy to see those presents arrive!  I don’t go crazy like I did when my kids were little, but even a single box for each of my loved ones means there’s a nice little pile around the tree.

Every gift is something I think the receiver will enjoy.  I put a lot of thought into my gifting.  It makes me happy to do so, even though I always wish I could spend more… I know it’s not about the money, but I would give these people the world if I could!

For me, Christmas is one of the most special things in the world.  As a kid I was all about Santa and getting lots of neat presents.  My parents were divorced when I was a kid so I was one of those lucky ones who would get a Christmas with BOTH parents!  Once at Mom’s and once at Dad’s!  I LOVED it…. getting presents and special treats twice just made it that much more fun!

As I grew up I began to see it’s so much more than getting presents.  Of course, that’s just a bonus…. but it’s way more than that.

I’m a believer… so to me Christmas is about the birth of the child that would be the Messiah… God’s Son who came to save us all from our sins.  Whether you believe it or not, that’s what it is for me.  It’s a time of peace and hope and love.  It’s a time to love those around us, even our neighbors and those in need.

Charitable giving is always higher during the holidays, and I think that goes along with the hope and peace of the season.  I always wish I could do more, seems like the more I give the more I want to give!  I think a lot of my friends feel that way too.  I just love seeing people happy!

Christmas is also about family.  I love my crazy family and I miss them when we don’t see each other like we should.  I sometimes wish I had one of those families with a bazillion cousins and aunts and uncles who all come to grandma’s house and smother each other with love every year…. but I don’t.  I have a smaller family, but there’s no shortage of love there!  I won’t compare, because that would be impossible.  I’m just thankful for every blessing I get to call family.

This year I have a lot of anxiety around whether or not my son will be there for Christmas.  As you might have read before, he left our house on September 12 and I haven’t seen him since.  He has been a little bit better about texting us that he’s OK.  He’s living in a town nearby with a friend whom I’ve never met.  It breaks my heart every day, but I know he has to forge his own way in the world.  Letting him do this is better than us fighting it out on the daily.. for both of us.  He hasn’t said yet whether he will be there or not, so I’m nervously waiting to see what happens.  I’m hopeful, yet realistic that he probably won’t be there.  Trying not to let that ruin my happiness will be the test of my faith in the spirit of Christmas.

No matter what your Christmas looks like, I hope it is filled with love and peace.  Gifts are nice, but giving is nicer.  Spending time with people you love makes it the best day ever, in my opinion.  Sparkling lights and tinsel on the tree is just part of what makes this my favorite time of year.

I’d love to know what special holiday traditions are you favorite!  My Christmas Day will be a little different than usual this year because it’s a Sunday and I’m playing/singing at church that morning!  No worries, we will just start a little later.  Thankfully we have teenagers who don’t mind sleeping in a little!  Brunch will just be more like lunch instead!

I still hope sis makes her cinnamon rolls…. yum!!!!


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