Merry Christmas!

Well, today is a big day.  THE big day.  It’s Christmas Day!!!!

I wasn’t going to write anything today but there’s something wonderful happening I wanted to share with those of you who follow me on here…. something I prayed for that I really didn’t think would happen.

I’m singing in church here in a little bit, it is Sunday after all.  Then we will head over to my sister’s like we do every holiday.  She is the best hostess, and has the perfect house for it!  Our mom and step-dad will be there as well.

My car will be filled with my husband and my sons…. both of them.

That’s right, my Christmas miracle is that my son finally came home.

He’s not staying with us, just coming for Christmas.  We talked quite a bit yesterday about all that has happened.  He’s not mad at me and frankly I’m not mad at him either.

We talked about how he could have handled things much better.  How disappointed I am that things went down the way they did.  How I don’t like that he’s not finishing school.

But he’s working full time and has a roommate.  They are renting a house together and it’s next to his friend’s dad, so at least I have some peace that there is an adult nearby.  I’m hoping we get to take him home so I know where he actually is living.  He still doesn’t have a license, so his roommate drives him to work (they work the same hours at the same place).

We talked about how much it would mean to us to just communicate more.  That if we call or text he should make the effort to get back to us.  He agreed he could do better about that.

There was no yelling.  There were no tears.  We hugged and talked and watched a movie together after we had pizza.  He slept in his own room.  The best ending to this craptastic year I could have asked for!

So today as I spend time at worship, I will sing praises to the God who brought my family back together.  I will enjoy this day like I haven’t in months…. the way my family is supposed to be!

I pray that whatever miracles are needed in your life, they happen!  It’s possible… I’m a believer in that!

Merry Christmas, my friends!!!!


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