Would You Be Beautiful?

I had something happen last night that I wanted to share with you all because it really made me think.

If the words you spoke appeared on your skin, would you still be beautiful?

Social media is a huge part of most of our lives these days, but I believe that not everyone truly thinks before they post things.  Sure, people post things I disagree with, things I don’t find funny or cute or worthwhile all the time.  That is their choice and I respect that.

Truth is, I respect the opinions of others because that’s how I want to be treated and I believe in that Golden Rule.

Last night someone posted something that I not only found offensive (I’m NOT easily offended) I thought it was hurtful and downright mean.

I did something I don’t do very often…. I said something.  I thought for several minutes before I posted my comment, because I didn’t want to hurt anyone but I felt the need to say my peace about this hurtful post.  I was then attacked by some of his friends for basically being a bleeding heart liberal…. really?  Because I said my peace about his post not being in good taste I’m the bad guy?

This went on for a while, even when I repeatedly said that I knew he wasn’t a bad person, but that his post was in bad taste…. I finally bowed out because it was well past my bedtime.

I shouldn’t have let it bother me.  I know that, but sometimes we don’t think about what we say and words can hurt.  Making a joke about Muslims and having to wear bomb suit to their house is, in my humble opinion, in very bad taste.

Muslims aren’t the problem.  Christians, Jews, other religions are not the problem.  All of the major religions teach love and peace.  Hate is the problem.  Prejudice is the problem.  I believe it’s the unknown that is the biggest problem.

I think if we got to know each other better we would realize that all we want is to be happy.  Yes, there are terrorists out there.  Some of them identify as Muslim, some as Christian, others as no religion at all… THOSE are the people we need to fight against, not someone we went to high school with or are friends with on Facebook.

My intention is to think before I post… ANYTHING.  I never want to paint myself as an ugly or hateful person.  I want those around me to do the same, but I can’t make their choices, I can only make myself beautiful with my words.

Before you say something, do you think about how it makes you look?  Do you care about how the words you say reflect on your character?  Are you more beautiful because of the things you say?

It’s possible and important that we think before we speak or post.  Be beautiful.  Shine like the diamond you are!  I think it’s a huge responsibility to speak peace and love… and not because I’m a liberal… but because I’m a human being.


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