Aren’t We All?

Aren’t we all just heathens in search of peace and love?  I’m sure some of you might not think so, but I do.

I believe that everyone wants peace.  I believe that everyone has flaws and sins.  I believe that working on ourselves as human beings isn’t selfish, it’s imperative.

As the new year arrives this weekend, I’ve been thinking about where I am in comparison to the person I was last year.  Sure, my health has struggled this year, but I’ve read a huge amount of personal development books.  I’ve listened to podcasts that made me think.  I’d like to at least think that I am smarter, kinder, and more full of love than ever before.

Am I still flawed?  Absolutely!  But I see that more clearly and know which areas I need to work on, and that is a gift.

I’m not sure about much some days but I’m sure that as this new year approaches, I’m going to continue to work on me, my dreams, my health, my relationships… all of it.

Will everything come easy?  I hope not!  That means I should have been doing it all along.

I’ll read something that teaches me every day.  I’ll eat like I love myself.  I’ll move my muscles.  I’ll laugh with people who care about me.  I’ll hug more.

Not sure these are resolutions as much as they are things I just strive to try and help me be a better person.

I’ve got a few more ideas, but I need to work out some kinks in my schedule to figure out if I can make them work.  I want to try and start a run streak, which means committing to running at least one mile every day for a year, but without access to a treadmill I’m not 100% positive I can make it work…. and I am working more than ever, so there’s that too.  Working out those kinks until I can commit all the way.  I want to try, though… I think it’s a great mental and physical challenge.

Anyway… I know the beauty queens always say they want world peace, but I truly do as well.  Always have wanted peace.  Peace at home, peace in the world… it’s all important to me.  I’ll work on my home (which is pretty peaceful, we don’t argue much) and if everyone else the world worked on theirs, just imagine how much better things would be!

I know… wishful thinking.  But isn’t that what reflection is about?

World peace…. now that would sure be something amazing!


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