Game Day!

It’s game day for my Broncos!!!  I was going to get up and write some amazing words of wisdom and inspiration for you, but honestly all I can say is GO BRONCOS!!!!


As about 80% of my Facebook feed is my friends who are actually down in Dallas for the game, it’s all I can think about.

I’m home today as there was no way I could afford to get to the game, nor did I want to beg someone to work for me tomorrow, and I’m perfectly fine with that!  In a couple of hours I’m heading over to a dear friend’s house to watch the game!

I’ll be decked out in my WMU wear, sipping a couple of drinks and eating typical tailgate food…. sounds perfect to me!

I’ve been thinking so much about how I want this year to go and how much I want to change how things have been for my health and fitness…. and I still don’t have any concrete answers.  Yes, I’m still a mess!  But I ran yesterday.  I still ate like crap,  but at least I ran.  Today I think I’ll do the same.  Tomorrow I’ll focus more on the food and also do some form of exercise.

Taking this one day at a time will help my sanity for a bit.  I think that’s at least how this week will be!

So today, no big revelations or resolutions… those are truly not necessary.  I just want to be my best me.  I will be.  One step, one day at a time!

Today is about those Broncos and how they just need to go 1-0 in the Wisconsin season today!!!!

It’s going to be fun watching this game with a Wisconsin alum too!  I’m sure we will be screaming at the TV very soon!!!


My one wish for the day… a Cotton Bowl WIN!!!!


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