Hammering The Details

So, I mentioned I was setting myself a goal for this year in regards to my running.  Streaking isn’t going to happen for me, I just know it won’t work and that’s OK!  Setting a mileage type of goal is going to work better for me.

When I mentioned this, a dear friend of mine told me that one year she made a goal to “run” to Disney, which was about 1200 miles, in a year.  Of course, she wasn’t actually running from Michigan to Florida, but she was keeping track of how many miles she ran and then mapping it out to see how far that would be toward her goal!

I think this is BRILLIANT for me!  I can visualize the little towns I can run through as I head toward a destination that I would actually like to visit!

So today is the day I’m hammering out the details and writing down my goal, along with how to actually keep track so I can see my progress.  I’m only 7 miles into the trip so far, so it should be easy to catch up!

Choosing my “destination” wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  I wanted someplace I could actually see in my lifetime, and someplace I’d actually been WANTING to see.  Somewhere around 1000 miles, but I wasn’t stuck on that number either.

So, do you want to know where I chose to “run” to this year???  I bet you’re curious, right?

My goal this year will be 907 miles away from my home… to the beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina!!!!  How cool would it be to actually GO there next year???  But first… I have 900 more miles to run and find a neat way to track it!

Has anyone else ever made a goal like this?  Any suggestions on how to make this big scary goal a lot of fun along the way?

See, I’ve only been a runner for a few years.  Usually I just pick a race and train for it!  I’m sure I’ll do some races along the way, which will all count toward my goal, but this year might be very different for me.  I may be doing a lot of these miles alone again… so I need to stay interested!

I also have very bad handwriting, so anything I can track on my phone or computer is helpful!!!  But basically, I need to scare myself a little and this goal accomplishes that… it also excites me to think of how far I could run in one year!

2017 is going to be the year of my comeback.  I know it!  I hope it is a great year for ALL of you as well!


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