Proud Steps

Good morning, my dear friends!

As you may have noticed, I’m working on a new goal for this year and I’m super excited about it!  It’s going to take a year, so it’s lots of little steps each week that will get me there.  I think since it’s going to take a while it may not seem like much day by day, but I’m going to take pride in each step I take to get me closer!

Last week I started my mileage goal, and I’m proud to say that in just the first 8 days of the year I’m at 13 miles already!  That’s a lot for me, and I’m super happy about it!

I think the best part is that I ran all of it outside, in the winter… and with friends!

This was the ladies I ran with last Thursday…


Yes, it was VERY cold and started snowing on us!  No worries, we bundled up and faced it with gusto!

The fact that our little town has a sidewalk system that is heated and therefore not slippery is amazing for keeping us running!  We can get plenty of running in no matter the season!

Every time I step outside to run this year I’m going to add up those miles.  I have a plan to make the journey more interesting to myself at least by seeing where those miles are taking me on my journey toward South Carolina… virtually that is.  Not sure how that will work yet but I’m meeting with a more tech savvy friend this week to see if she can give me some tips!

On top of my running, I want to do some yoga a few days per week at least.  I need to keep up my stretching and flexibility, plus I just need to get back into better shape!  Joining my team for a new Health Bet challenge today for the next four weeks will help me with accountability for that too!

I have other goals for the year besides my running, mainly to get back to a healthier weight, feel amazing, save money and be able to travel a little more…. all of those are going to be hammered out in more detail as time goes on, but all have many baby steps that I will celebrate each day.

I’m planning to make 2017 a much better year than the last.  Baby steps along the way, a little every day is the way I feel I will accomplish that!

I hope you take pride in your steps to be the best you you can be!  We will get there!

Tell me what you’re working toward.. I’d love to know if I can help!


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