No, I Didn’t.

I didn’t come this far just to come this far.

When I saw this I knew I could use it to help me share a little more of my story, so here goes!

It’s been almost seven years since I began truly changing my life.  I’ve always been a dieter, someone who would start some fitness routine and give up after a month or two.  I used to joke that I have gained and lost the same 30 pounds about 10 times.

But in May of 2010 I did something I said I would never do.  I began running.  It was really hard and at first I hated it!  But I had told some friends that I was going to run a 5k and by golly I was going to do it if it killed me!

I was about 40 pounds overweight at that point, so everything hurt.  In time, though, it got a little easier.  I could run farther without stopping.  I ran those first couple 5k’s and thought I was on top of the world.

Suffice to say I began to love running.  I started challenging myself to run farther, run faster, tackle new challenges.  I lost weight, got more into fitness and nutrition… I was on top of the world!

By May of 2015 I was in the best shape of my life!  I was at a very healthy weight for my body, I could run for an hour at the drop of a hat and have a fantastic day afterward.  I felt like I could do just about anything!

Last winter was when my vitamin deficiency started to really rear it’s ugly head and I got really sick.  I could barely get out of bed!  This was so different for me and it really scared me.  I’m a LOT better than I was a year ago, but I’m still not back to where I was two years ago… and that’s OK!

The road I traveled for those 5 years was tough, it had it’s twists and turns and ups and downs.  Even though two years have passed and I feel like I’m almost back to where I began, I realize that it’s not true.  I’m not at the beginning… I’m just on a different fork in the road!

It’s time to look around and enjoy the scenery as I keep on putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward!

I lost all that weight and got in amazing shape before…. there’s NO reason I can’t and won’t get back there again!

Getting sick wasn’t on my agenda, but I need to realize that it happened for a reason.  I was supposed to learn something, what I have no idea, but I’m sure there’s a lesson there.

I have come a long way, and I’m still on a journey to live life to the fullest and be as healthy as I can be!  I want to be able to run until I’m in my 80’s and beyond!  I know it’s possible… just ask my running groups!

I didn’t come this far just to come this far.  I plan to make the most of every mile.  Feel the success in every pound lost.  I want to enjoy every relationship to it’s fullest.

Every day is a gift.  Let’s see what this one has in store for us!


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