Being ME!

I had the opportunity to train someone new at my office yesterday. This is something I do enjoy, but can be stressful! I think I’m pretty good at it, but it can make me a little self-conscious sometimes because I have to talk through how things work that I do every day almost instinctively so that she can understand not only how but why we do each task.

On top of that, I’m getting to know someone new. She’s getting to know me too!

I’ve spent the last few weekends training to be a server with a whole new crew as well. Something I’ve never done, and picked up just on the weekends to make some extra money. That’s a little stressful too! It’s no wonder that I’ve had a couple of cold sores erupt on me this week, right?

I think the only way I can get through this season in my work life is to just be myself. I’m pretty good at what I do in my 8-5 job, and being a new server is tricky and will take some practice before I really feel good about it, but it’s going very well! Training a new co-worker at the office where I’ve worked for 14 years is fun because everyone there knows me and my strengths and now I’m getting the chance to know someone new!

In the meantime while all this new stuff is happening on my work front, I’m also trying to keep up with my running goal! It’s winter, and I live in Michigan, so weather can be an issue for sure!

Last night I met a friend for a couple of miles. We were going to go farther, and we were supposed to meet more people, but the weather was definitely strange for January! It was actually warm, 46 degrees at the start, but the wind was whipping something fierce and it was raining! It had rained a lot all day so there were puddles EVERYWHERE! Once my feet got wet I wasn’t nearly as happy, but I tried to stay positive and we did giggle quite a bit by the end!

So it was just one friend and me, and we ended up cutting our run to just two miles. It was just SO hard to run in the wind! We felt awesome for getting out and doing even just that shorter distance, and we will try again today to get some more miles after work. I’m just hoping for less wind, and maybe less puddles!

Today and every day I just want to be me and let people see that I’m just this girl. I work hard, I make mistakes, but I love people. I have my issues, but above all I just want to be happy and have the people around me be happy too! If that makes me a little weird, I’m totally OK with that!

I’ve said all these things before, but sometimes I think we need daily reminders that being ourselves is all we need! We are all a little strange… right? I hope so!

Be real. Be imperfect, flawed, quirky, weird…. be YOU!


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