Surprise Day Off!

My hubby drives over the road, so he’s rarely home during the week. He’s home most weekends, but sometimes things happen and he has unexpected changes to his routine.

This week he had some trouble with his truck and ended up being gone last weekend but he showed up yesterday at my office for lunch and surprised me! I love when that happens!

So he has today off, which is also my day off! Unfortunately I have some things already scheduled, which he doesn’t mind because he has a couple of things he wants to do as well. I’m sure we will be able to spend a little time together later on, and that just makes me happy!

Do you have someone in your life you just enjoy spending time with? I’m fortunate enough to have married one! Sure, I love my friends and sometimes hubby and I bug the crap out of each other… isn’t marriage like that? But for the most part, for the last 28 years I’ve been happy to spend time with my guy.

Last night when I got home from running with some friends after work we literally just sat on the couch watching TV together…. and we were both good with that! The picture I posted here was actually from New Year’s Eve LAST year, but it was the first one that popped up of the two of us that I liked… and we haven’t changed!

Having this guy in my life reminds me how lucky I am, because he loves me, quirks and all! Sure, I drive him crazy, I know I do… I’m a whacko half the time!  But he loves me anyway. When I told him what I had going on today and that I could change some plans if he wanted me too, he was completely understanding! We have the best relationship for us. It might not work for others, but we have our own interests and give each other space to enjoy them but when we can we love spending time together too.

I don’t butt into other people’s relationships, that’s completely their business, I just want everyone to be happy. Whether you are in a relationship or alone, I just hope you’re happy with your situation! It’s tricky to be a partner. Human beings are strange creatures! I found mine at a very young age, so we have pretty literally grown up together. That’s rare these days, and I know how blessed we are to have had these years together.

I think when we met and fell in love people said it would never work and never last…. well, I’m glad we beat the odds.  Not everyone finds their life partner while they are still in high school, but I did. Sure, he’s a little older than me (5 years between us) but I think it worked out perfectly!

Life isn’t perfect… we have our problems, but I try not to dwell on those. He makes me stronger. He loves me fiercely. Having him home unexpectedly today makes my heart smile!

I hope you have a wonderful day, no matter how you spend it or who might surprise you!


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