Well, Bummer….

Yeah, wouldn’t that be nice? Yesterday was supposed to be spent with the hubster, but he got called that his load got switched and had to leave before I got home from my lunch date. Bummer.

I mean, I’m super glad he’s employed and was able to work and all. We both work hard to support our modest lifestyle. I definitely have a great partner that way… but it was a bummer.

So I got to see the movie I wanted to see (go see La La Land… it was awesome!) but the evening was just kind of boring. Today I’ll be working all day anyway, so that’s not a problem. I feel bad when he does come home and all I do is work, but that’s how life is sometimes.

But wouldn’t it be a nice change of pace to come home one day and be unexpectedly rich? I mean, am I the only person who dreams of that? I don’t mean stinking filthy rich… I mean rich enough to own the home of my dreams and nice cars and maybe a few new toys… like a boat and jet skis and… OK, I mean rich!! LOL!

Hubby and I often dream about what it would be like to win the lottery. What would we do with all the money? How would we take care of our families and make sure our future generations are also taken care of? What luxuries would we look to add to our lives immediately?

I swear, we’ve spent $500 million in our dreams a hundred times!

But yeah, that’s not happening. And it’s perfectly fine! Would be nice to be debt free and have a little in our savings, but we are working on that. Retirement isn’t even on our radar, so I am just thankful every day for our health and our hard working attitudes!

No matter what our bank account says, I’m just happy that we have each other. I certainly am rich when it comes to the relationships in my life, and that is truly what life is all about! I’m able to feed my family and even have a little extra for stuff like running shoes when I need them. Life isn’t all about money, right?

Speaking of running, I’m looking forward to sharing that mileage journey with you all very soon! My plan is coming together nicely with how I’ll be sharing it, and I think that will happen once a week so as not to bore you with my crazy goal! I hope you stay tuned to see if I make it all the way to Charleston this year!

It’s Friday. I’m off to work here soon and it will be a long and busy day. Time to get my butt in gear and pack up my stuff! Tomorrow I’ll run again. The weeks may not be bringing me riches in the form of cash, but I sure feel richer when I spend them with people I care about!


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