Running Update!

OK, so if you’re following my running goal for this year, I’m running my way from Michigan to Charleston, South Carolina this year!  According to Google maps, it would be 907 miles total to walk that far. I don’t think I’ve ever run that far before so I’m excited to see if I make it!

Each week or so I want to update this blog with my journey and let you know where I would be if I were actually running in a straight line. That can’t happen, since I have to actually work and live and all that!  But I can figure it out on Google maps and get pretty close!

So, this year so far I have run a total of 24 miles!  Not bad since it’s only been 2 weeks!  I’m on my way!

I looked up how far that is on my map, and here’s where I would be….

The lovely city of Allegan, Michigan!

I’ve been through this town many times, mainly just to drive through, but it is a cute little city!  

There’s quite a bit to offer living in a small town, and this bridge is just the most beautiful!  I did get this image from Google…  I didn’t drive over and take it!

I just think it’s neat to see how far my miles are taking me!  

Here’s the overview map. 

It’s only in the next county, so I don’t feel like I’ve gone far yet, but as this map zooms out more and more I’m sure I’ll feel even that much more accomplished!!!  

This goal excites and scares me a little!  Mostly I just want to take a trip there and see all the things for real! I love to travel. Even if it’s in my virtual world!

I hope you are working on whatever goal you’ve set for yourself. No matter what you want, if you work at it every day, just a little bit…  you will get there!

Today I’m in Allegan…  not really, but that’s how far I am and I’m happy for that report!


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