Think About It

For years I thought I could never be a runner. I made an excuse back in elementary school that I couldn’t run because I had weak ankles or something like that and I believed it so thoroughly that I never tried to run. Never!

When it came time to run the mile in 9th grade PE class I literally jogged and walked and cried the whole four laps around the track. I was the biggest wimp ever!

I’ve had two babies. I know I can handle pain. I’m stronger than I ever thought I was back then, and something told me I could maybe possibly run a little bit….  and I finally stopped listening to that stupid voice in my head and tried. 

Well, the rest is history, as they say….  but it’s sad how much time I wasted making excuses!

What we think we are is what we manifest, don’t you think? I mean, I assumed I couldn’t run, not because of some concrete evidence, but because of something I told myself based on an assumption and of pure laziness. I won’t dwell on all the time I lost out on. I’ll just enjoy the many years I have to come as a part of the running community. 

It’s the same thing with writing. 

I hated English classes in high school. Well, actually it was only the first three I didn’t like, I loved my Senior English class. Our teacher taught in more of a college type atmosphere and it was completely awesome!

Because I didn’t do very well, I assumed I couldn’t write very well. It wasn’t fun for me. I just figured I wasn’t meant to be a writer. Certainly keeping a journal never did it for me, and didn’t writers always keep journals?

But when I think about it, some of my favorite seasons of my life included me writing out poems or short stories. I rarely shared these with anyone, I assumed they weren’t very good. I also have no idea where they are…. I need to see if those notebooks might be at Mom’s house or in my storage stuff. 

Now that I’m learning and growing and making writing a part of my (almost) daily life, I’m realizing that I do have a voice. I should use it to do good. Even if nobody cares, I’m writing and it makes me happy! I’m a runner and that makes me happy too!

I just tell you all this because if there’s something you have wondered about yourself, something that interests you but you’re not sure you’re good enough or whatever… what’s holding you back from trying?  There’s nothing you can’t do if you set you’re mind to it! I’m completely convinced of that! 

Now, there are things you will try that just don’t stick. For me, keeping a paper journal does nothing. I can’t read my own handwriting, for one. And I just don’t know what to put down. But when I blog, I don’t know why, I just feel like I have something to share!

My story that I share here is meant to inspire and motivate and basically give hope to anyone who stumbles upon it. If it does…  my heart will sing! If it doesn’t… I’ll still write it because it makes me feel good to get my thoughts out of my head for a minute!

Don’t let yourself hold you back from being your most amazing self!  You’re too awesome for that!


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