Attitude Is Everything!

Don’t you think sometimes that life sucks and everything sucks and why in the world am I here? Well, I do… sometimes.

But a couple of years ago I started this wonderful thing called Personal Development.

Every day I read something that makes me better. Or I listen to a podcast or audio book, or… whatever. I just learn something, and I do this every day.

I do this because it has been suggested that doing so can make me more successful as a coach, as a person, and why wouldn’t I want to be my personal best?

So, I’ve read a LOT of books in the past couple of years. Not just novels (I do read those too) but books by big name business gurus, happiness experts, all kinds of people.

A common theme I read a lot is that attitude is everything. I think that’s very true! Life may very well be difficult, but does it “suck”? Or is it your attitude about your life that sucks?

It helps me get through some of the rough times, that’s for sure.

I feel like not every day is great, but there is great in every day… does that make sense? It does to me! My goal is to have the attitude that life is good. The very moment may have something about it that sucks… but life is pretty darn good!

I guess what I’m getting at is that no matter what you’re going through, don’t concentrate on the worst parts of it. Get through it and be grateful! Every moment is a lesson, and how you receive that lesson can make all the difference!

I had a big sucky thing happen to me while I was in college. My father passed away over the summer. I didn’t even want to go back to school, I was pretty out of my mind with grief. But my family and friends talked me into staying… it took a whole semester of zombie-like days before I woke up and realized I had to keep going.

That semester is truly a blur in my mind. I know I worked and went to (most of) my classes, but I was on cruise control. Nothing really stuck. It was so bad that this honor student actually got a D in one class and an incomplete in another. I was in that very dark place and I knew it was up to me to fix it.

So, I pulled it together and got my grades up the next semester. Not even sure how I did it, but thanks to my hard work, some amazing teachers and awesome friends, I did it.

That summer I decided to repeat the class I had received an incomplete in, because I did need it to graduate! I ended up with a different professor, and that combined with a better state of mind and attitude was what I needed to not only pass, I think I got a B!

I was back, a little worse for the wear, but I was able to finish my degree after a couple more years.

Life is good. Maybe we all just need to remember that and not have the attitude that it’s anything but good. Attitude is everything. No matter what you’re going through… you’re alive, you’re breathing, you have people that love you. You also have the opportunity to bring joy to someone else…. and that’s the biggest blessing in life!

Don’t worry about how life will be better when…. enjoy the good in today!


2 thoughts on “Attitude Is Everything!

  1. Yes! It’s your mindset that makes it all the better…or the worse. If you only look for the negative, all you’re gonna find is exactly that. I start my second semester of my 2nd year on Monday and I’m vowing to only look for the love and positivity, so I can become a better person! I love your blog and would love if you’d check mine out! Thanks.


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