Giving Back

I had the best morning! A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine mentioned this thing called a virtual 5k. I’d heard of them, but had never participated before. But this one sounded perfect!!!

It wasn’t about the distance, although of course I’m running for a goal this year anyway. It was the charity that it supported that I really loved. 

We got a small group together and set a date. It’s really that simple when you have friends who are as crazy as you!

The charity for this virtual race was the Michigan State Parks! I’ve always been a huge fan as I live near several amazing parks, so getting out there in the winter and raising a couple of bucks to support them was a no-brainer for me!

We chose to meet at Holland State Park. Easy to get to and with the amazing weather we are having, it turned out to be a great run! We did all but about a quarter mile of our 5k within the borders of the park. What a fun way to give back!

Because of my goal, I wanted to get in a couple extra miles. I went to the park early and managed to get 2 before the others got there. Overall I ended up with 13.25 this week! Not bad, but I’ll have some making up to do this spring and summer. 

On that note, I’ve “made it” to the city of Otsego as far as my running goal goes!  Another city, another leg closer!  

After working a lot this week and running today, I’m going to chill out. I’ll get my laundry done, but that’s probably about it. I think I earned it!

Giving back felt great today. Running with friends felt even better! On to another week of working on my goals!


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