I’m Over It

Seems like I’m not the only one as a few of my friends have expressed the same thing… but I’m so over the negativity lately.

No matter how you feel about politics, or the women’s march, or whatever else is going on in the world… WHY do people have to be so darn negative all the time?

I mean, I have people who I’ve been friends with literally for decades that are driving me NUTS with all the stuff they post on social media. It’s like we didn’t already know their views on things… DROP IT ALREADY!

Yes, I know, it’s a free country which is exactly why we all have the freedom to post what we want. But there comes a time (at least in this girl’s opinion) that enough is enough.

Posting negative things doesn’t help change anything, all it does for me is want to unfollow or unfriend you. I don’t want to be that person, but it’s getting worse every single day.

I figured after the election it would settle down, but no. Now after the peaceful transition of power? It’s worse than ever…. and it makes me so sad!

Your views are your views, and I completely respect your ability to have them and even express them…. but please respect that other people may have different views. Berating others for not believing as you do isn’t necessary and it can actually be hurtful!

I’m just not participating anymore. It’s too much! I work too hard for my little bit of relaxing downtime to be spent listening to rants about whatever got up in your craw that day…. I’ll keep on scrolling and ignore you from now on. That unfollow button will be coming in handy this week, I think.

You see, I just can’t do it. My depression issues makes it really easy for me to get emotionally caught up in other people’s drama and I’m over it. As of today, if you’re posting things that make my anxiety go up… you’re getting hidden from my feed.

I know, this may sound petty to some people, but it’s not meant to be that way. I love my friends. I wish that all of them would behave like the adults I know they are! I wish that they would understand that they are not helping anyone by posting these very insulting things. But I can no longer participate in the drama…. and I have the freedom to do just that!

There is one thing I have seen posted by friends on both sides of the big debate that I completely agree with….. no matter how you feel about our new president, he happens to have a son who is only 10 years old.  That kid is OFF LIMITS when it comes to opinions and bullying!

I’ve seen that some people were tweeting about him and being truly mean to him… and that is NOT OK! He’s a kid. He didn’t choose his parents. I’m sure he didn’t choose to have his father run for president. BACK OFF! This mama bear wants to rip apart those who think it’s ok to make fun of him or call him names, because it’s NOT!

It’s never OK to bully kids. I do wish my friends who throw around these hurtful bashing posts would remember that those can sometimes feel like bullying to some of us adults too.

Be nice. Share your opinions, start a healthy debate, but BE NICE!

If you can’t follow that Golden Rule, you can be sure you’ll lose this friend as a follower… at least for a while.

Because I’m over it.


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