Are You In?

I know I talk about running a lot… because I love it!

For me, it’s a stress reliever and a way to stay fit. It’s also quite often my social outlet for the day. I work a lot, and with hubby on the road I’m quite often alone. I like being alone, but sometimes I love to be around people! Being around people who also like to run makes me happy!

So yes, I love running.

In a few ways I feel like I’m starting over with my running. I had never run a mile before the summer of 2010. From there I went on to train for half marathons and even one full marathon in 2012!

Getting sick last year and struggling with my health for the past 12-15 months has been so hard on me mentally as well as physically.

My mile times are WAY slower than they were before. I haven’t the endurance I used to have. But as I’m getting back to a more regular schedule and pushing myself a little bit I can feel it’s coming back.

I may not be back at square one, but I was close there for a while!

This past month my friends have been great about offering to meet for runs outside of the three scheduled group runs we have in town. This has been great for all of us because it is SO much more fun to run with friends!

As winter run camp is starting this week, I won’t have my Wednesday night ladies, unless I can find some other friends who didn’t sign up this year.

I was really bummed when I realized I couldn’t do the run camp… it has been my favorite thing about winter the past three years!

But with my new schedule and extra job, I just can’t commit to every Saturday morning, and the money it would have cost was just too much to dish out when I have some financial goals I’m trying to achieve as well.

So I’m skipping the camp, and I’ll make do. Thankfully I have another group I’m already a part of which also runs on Saturdays when I can. If I can’t, I’ll either run alone or see if a friend can change her time and run with me later or on Sunday. I’m sure it will work out.

The reason I’m sure is that I’m not afraid to run alone. Be assured I will be safe, I will let someone know where I am and when I plan to return. I will wear reflective gear and lights if needed. I’ll stick to the heated sidewalks if I must!

The coolest thing about social media for runners is that sometimes all you have to do is put it out there. Ask the question…. RUN? More often than not, you’ll find someone crazy enough to answer YES!


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