Rest, Sleep… It’s Good!

Some days it feels like I just go, go, go all day and into the evening. It’s true, I actually do that! But some days I need to rest. More specifically… I need some sleep!

Last night I was able to get to bed relatively early for me, like before 10pm. I didn’t set my alarm for the morning as I had no appointments today until my running club meet up at 6 this evening.

When I opened my eyes this morning I had officially slept for over 10 hours! It’s like a miracle! I feel so refreshed and ready to tackle anything right now!

Resting last night and this morning will allow me to keep my goal of running 4-5 miles tonight!

Resting and sleeping is essential to life. I know I could quote any number of studies that have proven how much we need, but I think as adults we all know we function better with proper sleep and that everyone is different. I’ve always been someone who needs her sleep! Lately that has proven difficult!

Last year when I was sick (no it wasn’t an illness, but it sure felt like one while my vitamin D was so low!) I had no energy at all. I didn’t even workout or run for weeks at a time! But when I would try I would just feel like I couldn’t do anything and I would quit after a few minutes.

Now that the levels are coming back (it’s still not perfect) I have more energy and I’m able to get my endurance back. I’m nowhere near what I felt like two years ago, but I’m confident it will come back.

Resting, sleeping will help me not quit. Not that I would let myself anyway, but for real… NOT QUITTING!

My running goal is just one thing I need to hit this year. I’m also looking to get my fitness back and lose my fluff. I’m also working on financial goals and paying cash for a trip to New Orleans for Coach Summit 2017! It’s going to be a great year! Rest will happen when it needs to so that I can continue to work on these goals!

What are you working toward? Do you need a little rest so you can come back and keep fighting for what you want? There is no quit in this life… rest and sleep, yes! But as I always say…. NEVER GIVE UP!


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