Like A Champ

Yesterday I ran the longest run I’ve done since last May! A new running friend and I went for seven miles, and less than a mile in I had an epic fall that looked something like this penguin I found on Pinterest (photo cred Gale Mead, National Geographic).

Yes, my foot caught on either a sprinkler head or a stump when I went to turn a corner. As it caught I was going up a hill and I knew before it happened that I was hitting the ground. The girl behind me even saw it coming!

They told me it looked like a penguin flopped and slid since it was a little icy and I skidded a few inches! I’m sure it was completely hilarious, especially since I actually did NOT hurt myself! Epic for sure! I fell like a champ!

I’m usually very careful and I had been up to this point, I’m not even sure how I caught my toe on whatever it was, but it happened so fast! Other than a ruined mitten (no biggie, they were old and very cheap) and some dirt on my leg, I was NOT hurt at all and continued on with my run!

My guess is it looked something like this….

But that’s just a guess since nobody was taping me!

Anyway, I managed to get in just a hair over 18 miles this week!  My longest mileage week so far! I’m well on my way to my goal and if my calculations are correct, I’ve made it 55.45 miles so far which puts me almost to the city of Schoolcraft! I’ve passed the city of Kalamazoo which is one of my favorite places and home to many years of memories. I lived there during and after college and it’s still a place I visit frequently and enjoy so much!

I didn’t know a lot about Schoolcraft, so I did a quick Google search and discovered it was the first settlement in Kalamazoo County! Established before Michigan became a state, and it was an important stop on the Underground Railroad as the first physician in West Michigan often gave shelter and food to escaped slaves as they moved north to freedom. Looks like a very interesting historical little village! I should stop over there when I get down that way again soon! I’d love to see that house as it still stands today. I love history!

So my recap of the weekend… I put in more miles toward my goal; I had an epic fall along the way with no injuries; I’ve “made it” over 55 miles from home; I’ll never take myself too seriously.

On top of all that, I finished reading a book, started another and made some money to help me get out of debt! Not a bad week, if I do say so myself! I hope yours was good too!


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