Travel Dreams

I grew up with dreams of traveling the world. We took family vacations when I was a child, but after my parents divorced we didn’t get as many opportunities to travel.

In fact, as of right now I’ve been on a plane for exactly four trips in my lifetime. Sure, there have been road trips as well, but only four times have I had the chance to fly anywhere for an adventure. I’ll be 45 years old soon… it’s time to start traveling more often and see the world, don’t you think?

The past two summers I have been able to make the drive to Nashville to attend our Beachbody Coach Summit which were amazing trips. I met so many wonderful people and strengthened friendships and enjoyed every moment!

This summer they have moved our Summit to the city of New Orleans! This is a city I’ve always wanted to see and since it’s quite a drive, we are going to fly down! My fifth plane trip is coming in just a few short months!

That’s right… I bought plane tickets and I’ll be off this summer on another adventure! I can hardly wait!

My grandmother was an adventurer unlike any I’ve known. She was the one who put the travel bug in me, I’m certain of that. I miss her like crazy, but every time I travel somewhere I just know she’s smiling with me and loving me taking the time to have my adventures!

I’m going to make it a goal to travel more. More specifically… I want to make a point to fly somewhere at least once a year. I’m sick of staying in one place. There’s a big world out there and I want to see it!

I have family in different parts of the country. I want to visit them! I want to sip drinks on a beach in the winter somewhere warm! I want to see landmarks not just on a screen but with my own eyes!

It’s time to make this life about more than my little world here in my little town.

Every time one of my friends travels somewhere I get a little pang of jealousy. Well, it’s time I stop being jealous and just go! My kids are old enough… I truly have no reason not to! Well, at least nothing but money, but I’m working on that too!

See, this extra job I have is going to make it much more possible for me to get out of debt and make this travel dream come true. I’ll do every trip on a tight budget, even this summer’s adventure is on the cheap. Sharing a hotel room with two other girls, flying out of a less expensive airport… and taking advantage of the free breakfast… it will all be OK!

So, I’ll work hard so I can play hard. Grandma would be proud.

I’ve barely been anywhere, I certainly haven’t been everywhere… but it’s on my list!

Next stop, New Orleans. After that? Who knows!


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