Happy Blog-versary!


I woke today to a message that it’s my second anniversary of this blog! When I started I really didn’t know what I was doing or where I was going with it, heck I still don’t, but it’s sure been fun to play around and share my story with all of you!

This space has been one for me to share a lot of what’s on my mind, which can be a pretty strange place sometimes! I feel safe sharing things that I don’t necessarily share as easily in other outlets.

You may see some more changes coming this year! I’ve been toying with new names as the whole “team” thing was really more when I was attempting to build my Beachbody business here. I’m still a coach, I love the company, but I’m realizing that my strength isn’t in network marketing… and that’s OK with me!

My new goals of writing and inspiring look just a little different, so I’m pondering a name change for this space to align more with where I think I’m going in the coming years.

No matter what, I want to keep writing! I want to keep getting healthy! I want to inspire others to live their fullest lives!

But I also want people to have a safe place to share things like mental health issues and problems they might have going on at home. I want you to know that no matter what kinds of issues you might have, you are not alone, and you are loved!

So, I thank you for following me! I hope you get something out of the things I write and if there are any topics you wish I would talk about, please feel free to bring them up! Comments and messages are awesome and I encourage them!

Also if you have any good suggestions of a new blog name, by all means I’d love to hear them! Even writers have blocks sometimes! I’m a fighter, so that part of the current name certainly fits, but I’m also open to ideas!

Wow, two years of blogging. Maybe some day I’ll get the hang of it, right???

Thanks, everyone. From the bottom of my heart!


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