I haven’t done much research on this topic, but I don’t doubt that it’s true.

Yesterday, actually all this week as I’ve looked through my Facebook memories that come up I’ve been seeing all the pictures from the past seven years. They make me both happy and sad and I’m so glad those pictures come back!

You see, seven years ago my sisters and I lost one of our own to cancer. She fought a very hard battle, but at the end of January 2010, our dear Laura was gone. She wasn’t yet 40 years old and she left behind a husband and three children who knew just how much she loved them and how much she didn’t want to leave.

As we sat at the funeral for our sister and friend, we realized that with raising our own families and starting careers that a lot of us had really lost touch over the years since we were in college together. We made a pact to not let that happen and to get together at least once or twice a year from then on.

We have kept that promise to ourselves and to Laura.

Every year at the end of January we have had a reunion to toast those we’ve lost (there has been another sister since that died of cancer) and to those who can’t be there for whatever reasons. I had made it a point to be there each year, but this year with my new job I had to miss it.

I won’t let that happen again!

These friendships mean so much to me and I won’t let them disappear from my life. Missing this past weekend’s festivities hurt, but they all know how I feel about them and I now talk to each of them pretty regularly! We certainly don’t let distance separate us anymore with the internet there to easily connect us!

I have a few friendships that have lasted even longer than my college friends. Those I cherish as well since I feel like those people know me better than my own family! My college sisters are family too, but they only know me as an adult. Sisters are forever, I do believe that!

If you have friends in your life that you’ve had longer than 7 years, you are blessed! I know I am and I won’t take that for granted!

Next year, if I’m still working two jobs, I’ll be taking that day off to spend with my sisters! I need those girls more than ever! Our hugs and smiles and laughter lives in my heart even though I wasn’t there this year.

I’m no psychologist, but I know what friendship feels like. What a blessing!


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