Magic Of Beginnings

This year is definitely already the most adventurous I’ve had yet. I mean, I started a new job I’ve never done before. I have a goal to run all the way to South Carolina (not literally, but you get the idea). I’m even traveling somewhere I’ve never been this coming summer!

All of this just feels like a lot of changes, but I see them as steps in a big picture plan. Because I also have other goals and things I want to change… and they all lead to a happily ever after for my husband and me!

It’s going to take time, and I’m perfectly fine with that, because anything worth doing is worth the work. Some days I feel like I’m unfocused, but when I break it down, I’m actually more focused on making my future what I want than ever before!

With the extra money I’m making waiting tables I’m paying down debt every single week. In a bigger way than I ever have before. It’s really starting to feel like I’m seeing results even after just a month!

I’m getting somewhere in my running goal too. In just a month I’ve made it quite a way! It would take me an hour in a car to get that far… so that’s pretty awesome!

Our family moved in to the house we live in now the week my younger son was born. It will be 18 years in March, and it’s been a great house to raise our kids. But it was our plan at the time to live here about 5 years and move on. Obviously that didn’t happen for so many reasons… but I’m really ready to change it up!

Hubby and I have always talked about once the kids were out on their own we would go into a condo. The main reason is because we both HATE yard work. Like for real… I just can’t. The next reason is because if I’m home alone a lot with him driving for a living, it will be nice to have something a little smaller that is easy to keep up while I’m working and I won’t have to worry much about snow removal!

No, we won’t be moving this year, but it’s something I’m thinking about. I want to get our debts all cleared up so that it can be a possibility in the next couple of years. I’m addicted to the Zillow app and I’ve found a really good possible place! Yes, I realize that unit won’t likely be available when we are finally ready, but I have ideas and I get excited thinking about it!

I’m writing more than ever. Going to work on my novel a lot this year and see what happens. Blogging 5-6 days a week has got me thinking it’s possible!

I’m almost 45 years old and all I can think is that my life isn’t half over… I have a LOT of life left to live! I plan to make the most of it and make it exactly what I want!

2016 wasn’t the best year, but already 2017 is off to an amazing start! New beginnings can be magical and I plan to make the best of every opportunity! New friends! New goals! New experiences!

It’s my time!


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