Whine Much?

I really didn’t want to run last night. For real, I was cold and tired and I just didn’t want to.

I posted as such on Facebook and promptly got told I better get out there and not skip it for reasons that were actually pretty good…. so I went.

Even though I went out of guilt, I did it. I even went the full 5 miles I had hoped, and I told myself 4 was enough since that was what the group run was doing.

I got to town a bit early and parked the car. Figured I had a few minutes, why not run around the block at least a little to get warmed up! My GPS said .67 miles by the time I met up with the group. At least we meet by the community fireplace so I didn’t have time to get too cold!

So the group run was exactly 4 miles and I ran all of it with a lovely young lady I met a couple of weeks ago. She’s young enough to be my kid (not even kidding, I’m 20 years older!) but I just love her energy! Since she doesn’t seem to mind my slow turtle pace, we have been getting along nicely!

We got back to the fireplace and some of the slightly faster guys were still hanging around. I didn’t last long because I was getting cold standing there, so I went back around the block until my watch told me I went the full 5 miles.

Sometimes I have to get out of my own head and just do what I told myself I would do. Yes, I could have sat home and watched TV and cuddled my blanket, but that wouldn’t get me closer to my goal.

I already don’t know how much I can run this weekend since it’s another double double shift weekend! I won’t have to do this again for a while, but such is life. I’ll try to get out on Sunday for a few miles, but I can’t promise that will happen… it’s hard to run solo when I’m so used to being with a group!

I apologize for being whiny yesterday. I didn’t want to run, but just like my friends told me.. I was glad I did it. The only reason I didn’t want to go was the cold. Winter is back in full force! But if I skip just because it’s cold, I’ll never reach my goal!

Will I always run in nasty weather? Who knows? But it truly wasn’t that bad once we got started.

Suck it up. Get it done. This is what was going through my head the whole time.

Stop being a baby and do it.

Never. Give. Up.


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