Getting There!

Alright, I didn’t post an update last week about my running goal because I didn’t run as much as I needed to and felt like I didn’t really get anywhere. Well, this week I finally feel like I’m getting somewhere!

If you’re following me regularly you know about my running goal for the year. I’m counting up my miles and trying to run to Charleston, South Carolina from my home in Michigan. It’s a total of 907 miles, so I’m adding up every mile and mapping it out on Google maps!

So far this year I have run 85.5 miles! It’s amazing what a few miles a few days a week adds up to when you just keep at it!

When I got on the map this morning I was excited to see I had passed through a couple more towns in Michigan, the latest being White Pigeon, and I’m very close to the border of Michigan and Indiana!


That means the next time I write an update I will officially be out of my home state and on my way even closer to my goal!

I really want to take a trip to my destination next year, just to actually see the city I’ve dreamed of seeing anyway, but this goal is making it more real to me. Seeing all the cities between home and Charleston, it’s quite fun for me!

In the meantime, I’m having fun learning about some of these towns I’m “passing by” along the way!

I have never been to White Pigeon, Michigan, but a quick search showed me a couple of interesting things about the small town! With just over 1500 residents, it’s a true small town with an interesting story! I’m sure there are lots of stories, but this one was what caught my eye….

I’m quoting Wikipedia here, “The town was named after the Potawatomi Indian Chief Wahbememe, which means Chief White Pigeon. According to legend, while he was at the gathering of the chiefs in Detroit, Wahbememe heard plans to attack the settlement which is now White Pigeon. The Chief was a friend to the white settlers and didn’t want to see harm come to them so he set out on foot and ran almost 150 miles to the settlement to warn the people. After running that long distance and giving his warning, he collapsed and soon died from exhaustion. His remains are buried in the town, and the site is now part of the National Register of Historic Places.”

That is pretty interesting to me! As you can see by this Google Earth image, it’s a small place with lots of farms around it… and my “location” is noted by the arrow!


I love how these images show all the different parts of the landscape! I’m sure I’ll use them more along the way when I find an interesting place!

So I can see a lot of progress on this goal in particular. I’m also seeing some progress in my financial goals, my credit cards are closer to being completely paid off… not quite yet, but soon! Saving and not using them will be the next step after that!

2017 is shaping up to be a better year, right? So far, so good! One step at a time!



13 thoughts on “Getting There!

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