Common Sense?

Don’t you think sometimes people have no common sense when it comes to posting on social media?

I’ve been online for as many years as most, maybe more. I think social media is amazing and I love how it keeps me connected to friends and family all around the world!

Lately a lot of what I see are things that seem out of character for the person I know behind the profile page.

I’ve seen people I’ve known for decades post things that are downright rude, mean, and offensive. I don’t think they are even thinking of the fact that everyone can see them… not just the person they were aiming at.

Or maybe they know that full well and are just not thinking how it may make someone feel. It’s almost like they are cyber-bullying the entire list of their friends and family.

It makes me truly sad.

As someone who only seeks to inspire and help others, I keep a lot of my opinions to myself. Not all, that wouldn’t be right either as I do, in fact, have opinions. But I try very hard not to be offending or mean in any way when I post.

If I can’t say it to someone’s face, I don’t post it.

I want to tell the entire world to do the same, but of course they won’t listen. Bullies are bullies… which is a sad truth indeed. I’ll just continue to do my best not to get involved with those that choose to post that way.

My blog is a safe place for me to post my opinion, but you can be certain that if I get bullied here I will speak my mind. If any of my followers are bullied, I will defend them. Thankfully you are all awesome people who wouldn’t do that so I have nothing to worry about!

I slept a lot this weekend. Apparently I was more tired than I thought after all the work and running last week! Thankfully this week I have very little on my calendar except for work and running again…. so I’ll sleep as much as I can.

My goal would be to get in at least another 18 miles this week. Twenty would be better, but it will depend on the weather and how I feel.

Hoping to get another bill paid off this week… the extra money I’m making at my second job is really helping us get out of debt! Feels so good to pay those balances off!

This post is pretty random, but it’s kind of everything I’m thinking after this weekend. Let’s be nice to each other. Stop others from being bullies. Work hard and play hard.

Life isn’t easy, but it can be fun! Think before you post… that’s just common sense to me.


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