Happy Valentine’s Day!

I hope you have a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day! My Valentine is back on the road and a whole bunch of miles away from home, so our phone calls are all we will have together, but that’s OK. After this many years, it’s not about one day, we know who’s heart we belong to!

But there have been plenty of Valentine’s celebrations with my hubby. Our first one back when we were dating I remember he came to pick me up with flowers and a teddy bear! We had been dating for six weeks and I was impressed with the effort he made! He’s always quietly thoughtful like that. I picked a good one, that’s for sure!

So this year we are apart again. I’ll be at work all day and run after just like I do every Tuesday. I’ll work on my running goal because that’s what I do. Hoping I can get about 4 miles in again. Pushing for a 19-20 mile week! To some of my ultra runner friends that might not be a lot, but considering a couple months ago I wasn’t even running 6-7 miles a week… it’s a great improvement!

I’m watching the news this morning and looking at the weather forecast for the week. I can’t believe how warm it is for February! We have been unusually mild this winter, not that I’m complaining, but it’s weird! Gloomy, but mild, even though we did have sun the past couple of days. I’m thinking about getting one of those “happy light” things to use for my seasonal depression. I’m sure it couldn’t hurt! Do you know anything about them?

I think anything we can do to make ourselves happier and life a little easier is a good thing. I even bought some new running lights for my shoes last week! I just got them, so I’ll test them out tonight and see how they work. I’m hoping they make me very visible and possibly help me see a little bit of the sidewalk! That’s what they showed on the website anyway… it was a GMA deals and steals last week! Once I use them I’ll give you a review. Kind of like a Valentine gift to myself, I suppose!

Since I won’t be getting very romantic today, tell me your plans! I’d love to know how others are spending their time with the one they love! Valentine’s Day done right can be fun, but if you’re alone, it can be depressing.

I was fortunate this past weekend to be invited to a Galentine’s Day brunch with some girlfriends! It was so fun to sit around a table and eat yummy brunch foods and just chat and laugh and even snuggle a baby for a few minutes! Yes, our hostess has a little angel and I was blessed with a baby snuggle… so good for my soul! She’s just pure baby perfection! I had never heard of Galentine’s Day, but what fun! I hope I can host one someday, that was exactly what I needed.

No matter how you spend the day, I hope it’s a lot of fun and full of love. Know that you are cared for, even if it’s from afar! Happy Valentine’s Day!


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