Like A Movie

I’m a huge movie fan. Always have been! They just make such a great escape sometimes. They tell stories, give you hope, take you away from reality for a while.

I also love television, for the same reasons. Heck, I’ve been watching Days of Our Lives for so long I feel like I’ve had relationships with all the characters!

Part of what I love about movies and television is, of course, the music. Coming from the girl with a music degree, this shouldn’t surprise anyone.

The music in and around these worlds of fantasy can make or break the show. The theme songs alone can evoke all sorts of emotions! Who doesn’t love to settle into a comfy seat when the theme to Star Wars comes on? Personally I still hum along with the theme to Days every night when I watch on my DVR!

Background music can really help turn a story, evoke emotion around a character or event, sweep you away to another world. I’m really not a composer, but sometimes I wish I had the talent to write that kind of music! I think that every show needs background music to keep it going and make it so much more interesting.

Sometimes that background music helps you stay involved emotionally. The girl is walking down the road seemingly clueless of the danger ahead. If there were no ominous tones in the background, you would lose interest before the villain jumps in the way! Or the happy whistling tunes that foreshadow her meeting her new love! Or the sad drones that could happen before she breaks down crying when her reality that her parents are divorcing and she has to move to a new school comes crashing down on her….

You see? It’s all about the music!

Sure would be nice if we all had background music in our lives. I’m not talking about the song that gets stuck in your head all morning and you can’t get rid of it… earworm anyone? I get that a lot. No, I’m talking about real background music. Something that will warn you of danger, foreshadow something amazing, or explain to others why you’re sad.

Maybe then I would know what the heck is going on, not only with me, but with those around me. I just can’t figure people out some days.

Life isn’t like the movies, unfortunately. We have to work hard to understand all the nuances in personality and even in events sometimes.

Sure would be nice to know what was going on, though. I stand by that statement.

Life would be better with background music.


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