It’s Friday. It’s going to be a long and probably busy day at work, and I work both jobs on Friday.

I love them both, so it’s not bad, it’s just a lot. I’m strong, I’m fit and I’m capable… so I just need to suck it up. After all, I’m doing this for the right reasons.

I tried to do our taxes yesterday. My younger son came over and had me do his, which were relatively easy, so I figured I could at least get started on mine too. Turns out mine are a LOT more complicated and we may be in big trouble, meaning we could be owing a lot instead of getting a little refund this year. I’m going to have someone double check me before I file.

But that won’t happen this weekend.

Today is work. I’m going to put on my best attitude and rock out these hours and make people happy no matter what it takes! Tomorrow will be a run with my group, food, nap and more work. I’m nervous about tomorrow because we have a big event happening and I fully expect it to be CRAZY busy! I have a feeling tomorrow will be a pretty late night! Hopefully the tips we make will be more than worth our efforts!

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Today will be a good day. Mainly because I’m choosing to make it be a good day. I have a lot to do, a lot to worry about, but nothing I can’t handle.

I can handle it because I’m as organized as I can be. Some things will fall through the cracks, but hopefully nothing that can’t be fixed up later. There are things I’d rather do differently or more efficiently, but I can’t control the actions of other people. I can only control me.

I should probably kick some ass today.

I’m going to concentrate on what I can control. I’m going to put on my happy face and hustle.

Sometimes how you handle things is a choice. Your attitude is a choice. What choice are you making today????


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