Big Day!

It’s a big day but before I get to that I have to share my running progress because I had a great week! I have made it over 100 miles so far this year, 103.75 miles to be exact. That puts me over the Indiana border too!

In fact, it puts me past the popular town of Shipshewana and just to the west of the town of Topeka, Indiana!

I’m in a new state!  Well, not really, but if you’re following this journey of mine you get it. It’s fun to see progress like this!

Anyway, it’s a big deal to me that I’m making such good progress on my running. I feel stronger and a touch faster than I was back a few months ago, so that’s something too! I do need to get back to more stretching and foam rolling because my calves are pretty tight, but I knew that. I’m just lazy and stubborn sometimes!

It’s also a big day for another reason. One I didn’t want to share until I had permission…. my older son is headed off to school!

My Tom is almost 21, has taken his own path to becoming a grown up, but is finally ready to pursue his dream of becoming an auto mechanic! I’m so proud of him and how he’s handling himself lately! 

He found his dream school and its about 3 hours from home, so we are moving him down today. I’m sad I won’t see him often, but I am excited for him too and know he will do well there. He better text me once in a while so I know how it’s going! Believe me, I will be bugging him. 

So I’m really glad for the amazing weather we have ahead for a long day of driving and moving! Thankfully he’s got a furnished room, all he needs is personal stuff! Still, it will be a busy day!

Goals should scare you a little bit. I’m doing well with my running, but freaking out a little with the kid. I know it’s all good stuff happening…. I’m just nervous! Excited, but nervous! For both of us!

It’s a big day for sure!


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