Painful Night

Not emotionally, although it does wear me down… I had a pleurisy attack again last night. It’s been a while since that has happened, and I was happy I had some medicine still in the house.

If you’ve never had pleurisy, be thankful. It’s extremely painful and scary because you feel like you are having a heart attack! The first time it happened I went to the hospital to be checked out but after about 8 hours they came up with this diagnosis for me. It recurs when it wants to, usually when I least expect it, and it sucks.

I felt great yesterday. I ate pretty well, I ran 5 miles after work… it was not a bad day at all. Until I went to try and sleep. It started as it usually does, an uncomfortable pain in the middle of my back. I can’t get comfortable. Everything feels tight in my chest.

Then the serious pain kicks in, which is when I realize what it is and take anti-inflammatory meds, naproxen works the best for me.

I got up and took that and tried to stretch and get comfortable again. I was watching Netflix in an effort to just bore myself to sleep…. took longer than I was expecting, but it finally worked.

Sleep didn’t find me until close to 2am, so I expect to be tired today, but that’s just how it goes sometimes. I just hope it doesn’t come back as it sometimes happens. Work should be fine today, they all know I get a little goofy when I’m tired! Plus we are having dinner tonight with people from our lab which will be fun and means I won’t be trying to go for a run tonight. Hopefully tonight I’ll sleep well and be able to get some good miles in tomorrow!

I found this article that explains what pleurisy is and how it feels. I figured they explain it in a more medical way than I can, so I’ll share it in case you want to know more.

My doctor told me the first time I probably got it from a virus or bronchitis, but the fact that it comes back so randomly is annoying! Hurts like heck is all I know. I wouldn’t wish that pain on anyone!!!!!

I have a feeling I’ll be late for work… sorry, friends!


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