I’m not a fast runner. I talk fast, I eat fast, but my running is anything but speedy.

But that doesn’t matter to me at all. I wasn’t built for speed! I have short legs and a few extra pounds on my frame. Endurance I have, so I use that to my advantage.

A friend of mine in my running club heard some of us talking about how slow we were and he said forward is forward. Miles are miles. It doesn’t matter how fast or slow we go, just go!

I am embracing that philosophy this year. I trained for speed in the past and while I had moderate success in increasing my speed, I wasn’t enjoying it as much anymore. Right now I’m having fun running! Yes, that’s right, I said fun.

Fun is relative, I understand that. Other people do things for fun that do not appeal to me at all, and I know many don’t understand my running, but that’s OK with me! I figure you should find something you love and that’s good for you and go for it!

Progress is progress, forward is forward. Doesn’t matter what your goal may be, just keep going!

I knew I had to miss my run last night because some people from work were taking us out to dinner (which was worth it!) so I ran a little extra on Tuesday in the beautiful weather, and I’ll do a little extra tonight too. I’ll keep moving forward on my goal!

My son is moving forward on his goals, too. He’s applying for every job possible in the area he’s now living. He’s settling in and learning where things are and getting to know his roommates. Seems like a great situation for him and I’m proud of that!

He’s got work to do before he reaches his goal, and I think he’s making progress! I have work to do on mine, you have work to do on yours!

Progress, consistent daily progress. Way more important than speed!

Life is supposed to be fun! Enjoy the journey!!!!


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