I’ve made it sort of a habit now to blog about my running goal on Sunday since my running is done for the week at this point. I was able to take off work last night and have a date with my husband which we really needed and I plan to spend today with him as well, as soon as I’m done writing!

So here’s my running update… I’m 120 miles from home! Yes, I was a little short of my goal for the week, but I have no doubt I’ll make up those miles this summer. Winter came back to us in Michigan yesterday, so six miles was all I wanted to do. I had to miss Wednesday’s run because of a dinner commitment for work, so I ran 5 miles each on Tuesday and Thursday to make it 16 for the week. Happy with that for sure!

When I went back to the map, those 16 miles puts me just south of a very small unincorporated town of Wolf Lake, Indiana! I can’t find out much when I Google that place, seems not much happens in Wolf Lake, but it looks pretty on Google Earth!


Not many more weeks until I get through Fort Wayne and into Ohio! I think this is fun, mapping it out. But I’m a dork, so maybe it’s just me!


See? There’s not much to see in Wolf Lake, but I’ll bet it’s really pretty!

Anyway, it was also a big week after moving my son out of the house. The first night I was actually a little sad that he wasn’t going to be coming home. I’m getting more used to it now, and I’m usually good at keeping busy, but it’s strange.

We have talked on the phone once, and he’s good at texting me back when I ask him how it’s going. He’s working on getting a job down there and classes start on Monday. He will be in classes for about 6 hours a day and hopes to work another 4-6 hours, or at least about 30 hours if at all possible. This is the biggest stress on all of us right now.. he needs a job to pay his rent and expenses!!!

But I think he’s liking his independence. I’m enjoying mine, although having this weekend with my husband has been exactly what we needed too! We both work a lot, so actually being in the same room and talking is good for us. Sleeping in today was good for us too!

So, with that, I’ll sign off this post and go hang out with my guy. I hope you enjoy your Sunday and refresh yourself so you can go after your goals this coming week! I plan another week where I run 4 days and get in my 18-20 miles. Oh, and I get to see my niece on Thursday! She’s on spring break and home with her family and doggies… so I asked for a lunch date so I can actually hug her! What a big week ahead!


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